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Reiki – Mechanisms of Healing – Part 1

May 10th, 2015

In the past series on Reiki I discussed whether Reiki was a placebo, and cited a variety of scientific experiments to demonstrate it is not.

Now I would like to discuss the mechanisms of healing. Like all other aspects of healing, the mechanism is little understood. So I would like to discuss the range of ideas concerning such mechanisms.

At one end of this range, is the belief, held by many healers, that they are channelling a higher spiritual energy that ultimately derives from God. This energy is often referred to as “divine love” or “unconditional love” by healers.

At the other end of the range there are many theories which are based on our knowledge of science, particular physics. The possibility that any conventional electromagnetic energy may be a candidate for “healing energy” seems unlikely as healing has been shown, at times to operate outside the dimensions of space & time. For example there are a wide variety of scientific experiments were healing procedures were partly or wholly undertaken at a distance1.

Between these ‘spiritual’ and ‘material’ poles there is a middle ground of ideas concerning healing mechanisms based on the concepts of subtle energies, the subtle energy bodies of all living organisms and the universal energy known by names such as prana and chi. . I personally believe that I act as a channel for universal energy that comes from the natural world.


Dossey, L. (1993). Healing Words. The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine. Harper Collins; New York.

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