If you are an employer wanting to get the best from your people, Vitality Breaks are designed with you in mind. This remarkable service is for you and your staff, with huge benefits all round. We will help you increase the productivity and well-being of your entire workforce.

Did you know that…

Musculoskeletal problems including Neck, back & shoulder pain – affect workers significantly and are responsible for 22.4% of days lost to sickness. (ONS 2017)

We will give your employees a stress-busting seated acupressure massage lasting 15 minutes. We call it a Vitality Break, because you will be amazed at the difference it makes when they get back to their desk!

The massage focuses on the muscles in the back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and head, where tension and pain often build up in desk-bound staff working under pressure. It will not only relax tense and aching muscles, but release energy and invigorate both the mind and body. And people who feel better work better!

There is scientific evidence that seated acupressure massage:

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Reduces stress

  • Increases mental alertness

(Scientific evidence in full)

What to do next?

All you need to do is call 07712 529652 or email to arrange some tasters or even a trial to see the impact on your staff.

What we charge depends on the location of your company, typically a 15 minute massage in London costs £15.00.  The cost of the service can be paid by the employer or the employee or the employer can part-subsidise it.

(Corporate flyer)

Below are some questions often asked about Vitality Breaks.

Why will your staff pay for this service?

Our experience shows that they will be only too glad to pay, even in a recession, as it gives them a deeply relaxing, uninterrupted time within the working day to focus exclusively on themselves and how they are feeling. They don’t have to leave the building and this is a fraction of the cost they would pay if they went to a spa or clinic. They may not feel they can take a lunch break any more, but they still need to get away from their desk for at least half an hour a day.

Many of us already understand how much better tense, aching muscles feel after a conventional, full body massage, but wonderful as it is, it’s just too time-consuming, impractical and expensive as a regular stress-busting therapy. A regular seated acupressure massage may be the answer. It boosts the immune and circulatory systems, promoting good health, helping prevent any stress on the body from taking a physiological hold. And it feels great!

How will this benefit your business?

  • Your de-stressed workforce will be calmer, think more clearly and have better ideas. This will increase your productivity.
  • Allowing and encouraging this service will demonstrate that you care about the well-being of your people, and see them as more than just brains with hands! Your staff will feel more appreciated.
  • Initiating this form of practical stress management will result in less time off sick for your staff, and improve morale.

What happens?

We will provide a specially designed chair, and place it in a quiet area, preferably an empty office or screened off space. There is no awkward preparation, and our clients remain fully clothed. No messy oils or lotions are used. Each person will have an agreed time for their massage, so that it fits easily into their busy diary. We normally see four clients an hour and a maximum of 24 in 1 day.

What are the benefits to you, the employeer?

For the employer, offering your staff access to a regular seated acupressure massage is the perfect way to demonstrate that you care for their well-being. It also provides an excellent incentive, work benefit or “thank you” to your staff. Most people agree that a massage makes you feel good, but the benefits extend way beyond this “feel good factor”.

The current economic conditions have dramatically increased the pressure and stress on all businesses and their staff. Stress manifests itself physically, mentally and emotionally. Specifically, stress may contribute to the development of various symptoms of occupational ill health, such as back pain and repetitive strain injury (RSI). Those who suffer from stress are more susceptible to infectious diseases and will take longer to recover; hence they will need time off sick, which decreases their productivity and ability to make good decisions, and ultimately de-stabilizes your business.

Our clients report that various aches and pains which would normally result in time off work, are alleviated by the seated acupressure treatment. Increasingly, companies are introducing “Vitality Breaks” as part of their stress management strategy in the workplace. Seated on a comfortable, custom designed chair, the employee remains fully clothed and no oils are used. Importantly, the employee remains clearly focused and can go straight back to work refreshed and revitalised – no recovery time is needed.

What are the benefits to you, the employee?

A Seated Acupressure massage will give you time out from your busy day and in return you will have your aches and pains soothed, your breathing will become calmer, your heartbeat will slow down and you will feel revitalised. As your body relaxes you will gain mental clarity, which leads to increased alertness and you will find it easier to pay attention to detail and accuracy.

One of the key benefits to the employee is increased mobility, especially in the neck, shoulders and back. Massage stimulates all muscles, including those that may not be used frequently. This increases the blood circulation which helps to prevent and relieve pain that may be experienced in association with lack of use or overuse of muscle groups e.g. repetitive strain injury or back pain. As a consequence of these muscular changes, the skeletal system also benefits from massage. It benefits from both the increased circulation, which carries more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the bones as well as the relaxation of the muscles which support and mobilise it. This results in a reduction in stiffness and greater mobility.

Is Seated Acupressure Massage suitable for everyone?

Seated Acupressure Massage is unsuitable for:

  • Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive. An alternative chair based massage can be offered.
  • Anyone who has suffered an injury or trauma within the last 24 hours.