To Move or Not to Move

Joanne has been my guide/teacher for a few years now. Her dedication to my emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being reflects the positive results that, thanks to her unique approach, are greatly influencing my overall life management. Joanne is someone who you can trust as she is professional and very reliable. I’m always looking forward to have a ‘chat’ with Joanne as she finds ways to deal with anything that I discuss with her. Thanks Joanne!

Fabio Sparano, Therapist

Exam Nerves

Joanne helped me with my exam nerves. The breathing technique she taught me was very useful as I find it calming. The exercise we did to visualise passing the exam helped. But also re-framing failing the exam so it wasn’t the end of the world and reminding me that I could sit the exam again was helpful as I felt like even if I don’t pass first time, so what? I can take the exam again. The power of the thought of failing the exam was reduced so it was insignificant.

Zsuzsanna Suveges

Leg Discomfort and Low Energy

“Joanne is a very intuitive and insightful practitioner and connected very quickly with my present symptoms, concerns, current energy & mood. She uses a variety of focused techniques including meditation, visualisation, listening very carefully and using those words in powerful ways to help me connect with, accept, then move on from my current situation. She is sensitive but not intrusive.

I experienced increased energy levels and relief from my pain during the first treatment, with a longer shift occurring over a course of treatments together with tips to follow at home.

Working with Joanne’s support, I’ve gained further insight into my challenges and the mind/body connection. This increased awareness is helping me move forward in my life more freely, naturally and better equipped. I’m a more content person now and very grateful to Joanne for helping to facilitate this.”





I am the in house massage therapist for Barclays Investment Bank.

I have chronic back issues so when I saw this service being advertised on the Barclays home page I decided to try it. My back feels significantly better after every session (and I would also say the effect is cumulative). Joanne works her magic on tension and pain, and I leave feeling more relaxed. I certainly sleep better after a session, with less pain in my back! Being able to go three floors down to see someone makes it logistically feasible for me to get regular treatment, and significantly improves my quality of life and productivity at work. I have gone to many different massage therapists over a number of years – in all honesty, Joanne is by far the best! Ilya

I used to get regular physio for a back problem, but then I stopped, and the problems started again. If I don’t go regularly I end up with muscle spasms that prevent me working. A Vitality Break reduces stress, clears the mind, and allows me to focus away from the immediate. And my team certainly notice the difference! Having this service in-house saves lots of time – I can easily fit it in during the working week without leaving the building. Iain

It is brilliant to have the opportunity to have a neck and head massage to help release tension, in a treatment room very close to where I work and at an affordable price. Joanne is an excellent therapist. I feel less tension and stress when I am back at my desk, and I work better, feeling relaxed and vitalised with more energy and a positive attitude. Afterwards my sleep pattern is noticeably calmer and less disturbed. There is no disruption to my work as I can nip out to the treatment room and be back at my desk within minutes. I would not even think about a Vitality Break if it was not available so close to where I work. I definitely recommend to anyone that they should try a massage with Joanne at least once. You will feel amazing afterwards! KH

Having had a car accident a few years ago my shoulder was often problematic. Joanne quickly identified the problem areas and set to work, providing me with helpful tips of products and exercises to assist me in between sessions.  The sessions mean that I can incorporate the treatment into my lunch break and it leaves me feeling refreshed for the afternoon. Joanne is very experienced within her field and I would fully recommend trying any of the treatments. It has certainly done wonders for me. SD

I am in the in house Reflexologist for Barclays Investment Bank.

The 15 minute reflexology taster session made me instantly more relaxed and lighter. The only problem was that 15 minutes wasn’t long enough! Since then I have been seeing Joanne weekly for 45 minutes. Joanne is welcoming, professional and  punctual. I find the sessions extremely relaxing and I have seen some definite improvements in my digestive health and general wellbeing. My sessions are on a Monday lunch time which is a great start for the week. I would highly recommend anyone considering reflexology to make an appointment with Joanne. SB