Coaching may assist clients by giving them insights or clarity. It may also assist by allowing you to over come limiting beliefs or mental blocks to moving forward in life including by addressing worries, fears and anxieties.

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Reiki is form of healing. Reiki is a relaxing treatment which nouriches the body, mind and sould. Reiki replenishes when you are exhausted, run down, fragmented and demotivated. A Reiki treatment heals the whole person, optimizing your sense of well being and inner serenity.

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Reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet to effect healing of the corresponding parts of the body. Reflexology allows the body to re-balance and detoxify itself, which can provide relief from conditions such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, PMT and digestive complaints including IBS.

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Deep Tissue Massage is a problem solving massage that addresses your aches & pains, muscle tension and spasms. Clients report this treatment assist them if they have poor posture or are prone to slumping over a laptop for long hours.

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Sports Massage assists those who actively participate in all types of sports, dancers and gym goers. It assists you by addressing injuries, over user and tired heavy muscles.

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Pregnancy massage is specially designed to address the aches and pains of a pregnant woman such as lower back pain or sciatica or odema while using the appropriate level of pressure. I always ensure that you are comfortable lying on your side supported by pillows on the massage table before I begin the treatment.

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