Why do other people book a session with Joanne?

Joanne respects her client’s’rights to privacy and treats all her sessions and client details as confidential.  So she does not given details of who books and why they book.

She feels that it is very important to stress that just because a client books a session it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them.

What she is able to share are common reasons for booking a session(s). For example, she finds clients are:

  • Seeking clarity on an issue or problem in their life.
  • Working through deep or complex emotional patterns.
  • Wishing to challenge negative thinking patterns.
  • Open to learning new techniques to cope with difficult situations.
  • Focussing on personal growth.

What are Joanne's qualifications?

I trained as a coach and NLP practitioner with Andy Harrington who was personally trained by Anthony Robbins.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner    (June 2008)
  • Inner Power Therapeutic Coach     (June 2008)

I trained as a Health Creation Mentor with Dr Rosy Daniel, who is widely recognised as a world authority on the holistic approach to cancer care and how to implement healthy lifestyle changes.

  • Health Creation Mentoring    (May 2010)
I trained with Sandra Sweetman to become a Heart Metta Practitioner.  With Heart Metta you are required to re-certify every year.

What is Heart Metta?

Heart Metta is a complementary therapy which assists you to discover your true self & your hearts desires.  It may assist you to deal with issues, challenges and problems by identifying the root cause and resolving them by getting in touch with your own inner wisdom.

How does Heart Metta work?

When someone smiles at you, you naturally smile back.  You don’t plan it and you don’t think about it.  When someone smiles at you, your body knows to smile back and you smile.  When someone glares at you, your body reacts and for most people you feel uncomfortable.

These are examples of your body naturally shifting your frequency.  With Heart Metta I hold a frequency and you naturally shift to it but it is your choice whether you do this or not.