A male came for treatment because of tension headaches due to muscular tension in his neck and shoulders. He had two treatments, one month apart and then reported no more headaches. As after-care advice I recommended that he use a cherry stone thermal neck pillow, which he bought and is using.

A petite lady came for treatment because her shoulders were painful and she was getting numbness in her arms and hands. She found that her shoulders were much looser after her first treatment. A month later during her second treatment, I recommended she have a work station assessment as I thought she would benefit from using a foot rest. During her third treatment, she reported her hands and arms were no longer going numb.

A male came for treatment who had been to his GP about intense pain at the back of one of his eyes. His GP told him that the source of the pain was tension in his neck. After his first treatment he no longer experienced any eye pain. As part of the after-care advice I showed him a variety of neck stretches.

A female came for several treatments due to severe tension in her shoulders. With each treatment more of the tension was released and I showed her a variety of stretches to help release the tension between treatments. After her fifth treatment, she identified that when she became stressed she tensed up her shoulders and this made her realise that she needed to be more proactive in managing her stress. As a result, she is now regularly swimming twice a week.

I started treating one client with RSI shortly after she returned to work, after being signed off with RSI. Through regular treatments she no longer experienced the previous levels of pain. I have also explained to her the benefits of learning to touch type and strongly suggested she accept the company’s offer to train her to touch type – something she previously declined.