Joanne treated a client, who had been revising for an exam but kept forgetting the answers.  As the date of the exam drew closer the client became more nervous and started to “forget” more of what they had learned.  They felt the information and the answers just weren’t sticking in their head, this was making them more and more nervous and it was stressing them out.

The client didn’t like exams, they got very nervous.  But this was a crucial exam, which they needed to pass,  which increase the pressure and the stress.  The exam nerves had increased to the point of panicking.  They didn’t feel they could pass the exam, ever!  The more mock questions they did, the more uneasy and panicky they became.

Joanne worked with the client, to assist them to let go of the stress and as the client did this, they started to feel calmer and then more peaceful.  Once the client was feeling really calm, Joanne talked them through a visualisation of their passing their exam.   This helped the client feel even calmer and their confidence started to return.  As this point, Joanne asked the client to review their revision and focus on the questions they was struggling with.

The client passed the exam first time.