A client booked a coaching session with Joanne for assistance with a dilemma, should they move house or not?  Their existing accommodation was just about OK, but not ideal, so the idea of moving appealed to them.  However they had no idea where they wanted to live or what they could afford, and as they were on a tight budget affordability was a big issue.  They came to see her in the summer and explained they were juggling studying and working and come September their priority needed to be studying again.  So if they were going to move, it had to be soon.

The first step was to assist the client to gain clarity on their current accommodation, to allow them to answer the simple question, would it be suitable until the end of the coming academic year?.  Once the client had gained the clarity that their existing accommodation didn’t suit them, we moved on to address where to live.  The client had a wide range of ideas but limited time to explore them.  So Joanne assisted the client to focus on their priorities in life and from their accommodation so they limit their search.

Joanne then explored the clients mindset with regards to finding a new home which was rather pessimistic and revolved around their not being enough time, nothing would be affordable etc.  Joanne worked with the client to open up their thinking to allow them to find their ideal new home, in the time they had to find it.

The client later reported they had found their ideal home and was really glad they chose to move.