A client came to me because she was struggling with her energy levels.  From our initial discussion it became clear to me there was a great deal of resistance to going to bed at a regular time or even going to bed before the early hours of the morning.  The client stated that was boring and she liked being awake when other people were asleep.  She described feeling out of it on this planet, and wondered why she was even on this planet.

As Joanne talked to the client more, the client explained that she didn’t want a regular life, she was very interested in what the client described as the unseen world (spirituality) which the client felt was the real purpose of being here.  But equally she didn’t like a lot of what was going on, in this world or on this planet.

Over a series of session, Joanne worked with the client to so she understood the importance of sleep for her physical body and the importance to her body of going to sleep at a regular time.  This led to doing some work to accept the concept of the importance of regular meal times for her physical body and her energy levels.

During this work, the client transformed from being a reluctant incarnator (someone who doesn’t really like this planet or want to be here and has a strong sense of knowing there is a better place than being here on earth) to someone who came to terms with the fact she choose to be on this planet.