To move or not to move?

To move or not to move is a common dilemma that many people face in life. There may be concerns about finding something affordable or a tight time frame. There is no correct or simple answer but by offering insights and clarity, Joanne may be able to assist you to find your own answer.

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Exam Nerves

Exam nerves are common and even natural, however when they are too intense they stop us performing at our best. Exams can be an opportunity for us to shine but they become become pure torture. For some people who get really nervous at the thought of exams, this disrupts their revision which is counter productive. Working with Joanne may really help you.

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Reluctant Incarnator

Some people feel like they don't fit in on this planet or they don't like regular life. They yearn for deeper connections and deeper meanings in every day life. Reluctant incarnator feel like this plus they really don't like what is happening on this planet and struggle to embrace every day life and sometimes even having a human body.

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Massage Case Studies

Joanne qualified as a massage therapist way back in 1998. Since then Joanne has continued to expand her massage skill set with additional training. Over the years Joanne have treated a wide variety of clients with neck & shoulder pain, back pain, rotator cuff injuries and many other conditions.

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