Get well, stay well

Lucyanna’s Profile

With over a decade of experience I have a wide array of massage skills and techniques within my professional toolbox.  This includes strong deep tissue techniques, advanced massage techniques, neuromuscular therapy and trigger point therapy.

As you would imagine over my career so far, I have worked with a wide range of clients.  This is in part because everyone experiences pain at some point in their life and I am a massage therapist that specialises in pain.  I have considerable experience explaining the mechanisms of pains, the neuroscience models and pain management with clients suffering both chronic and acute pain.

My experience includes working with clients at one end of the spectrum who suffer pain from sports injuries or simply working out at the gym to at the other clients who have experience pain when simply sitting at their desk or others who experience pain from doing DIY or gardening.

My Qualifications

  • Masters in Medicine in Pain from Kings College  (2014)
  • BSc Therapeutic Bodywork from University of Westminster (2007)
    • This degree includes deep tissue and sports massage.