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How was Reiki discovered?

December 7th, 2010
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Dr Mikao Usui is the father of Reiki. Born in Japan on 15th August 1864, he grew up hearing stories about the Buddha and was impressed with the Buddha’s quest for enlightenment.  Dr Usui was fascinated by Buddha’s desire to help others and by the healing abilities he received after enlightenment.  Looking at the people around him he saw that there were many people who were unable to lead happy, productive lives because they were sick or had physical disabilities.  Out of a deep sense of compassion for these people, Dr Usui set off on a mission to acquire the healing powers that Buddha and his followers demonstrated, in order to help alleiviate sickness and suffering in others.

Dr Usui travelled widely in Japan studying at Buddhist temples and trying to learn all he could about healing.  His travelling eventually led him to a Zen monastery where he met Budhist monks and scholars who also interested in healing.  After learning Sanskrit, while studying Indian sutras he discovered a formula for contacting a higher power that could bestow healing.  By following the practices in the formula he was initiated into the use of the Reiki healing power.  Dr Usui practiced and taught Reiki through attunements for the rest of his life.

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