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Reiki – Mechanisms of Healing – Part 3

May 25th, 2015

I want to finish the series of blog articles on the mechanisms of healing by looking at what happens in the client’s body.

Independent medical research has shown that this range of frequencies will stimulate healing in the body, with specific frequencies being suitable for different tissues.   For example, 2 Hz encourages nerve regeneration, 7 Hz bone growth, 10 Hz ligament mending, and 15 Hz capillary formation.

For example, it has been known for many years that placing an electrical coil around a fracture that refuses to mend will stimulate bone growth and repair.  In addition Physiotherapy equipment based on these principles has been designed to aid soft tissue regeneration, and ultrasound technology is commonly used to clear clogged arteries and disintegrate kidney stones.

Both Zimmerman (1990) in the USA and Seto (1992) in Japan further investigated the large pulsating biomagnetic field that is emitted from the hands of energy practitioners whilst they work. They discovered that the pulses are in the same frequencies as brain waves, and sweep up and down from 0.3 – 30 Hz, focusing mostly in 7 – 8 Hs, alpha state.  Within the range of frequencies that will stimulate healing in the body.

For me, all complementary therapies including Reiki work on the principle that they are stimulating the body to heal itself.


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