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Massage for Runners … its all about optimising recovery

December 2nd, 2018

We are introducing a new service: Runners Massage a special service to assist runners to optimise their recovery the massage will

  • flush out all the waste products in the tired muscles
  • address micro tears in the muscles

which rejuvenates the tired heavy muscles making them feel light.

The goal for runners is to first and foremost prevent the kind of wear and tear that comes with putting physical demands on your body. Yes; running is fantastic and ultimately good for your overall health, but if you are going to push your body to its limits you must prepare it and maintain it to avoid potential injury.

With strenuous running, your muscles can lose their ability to relax and they become shorter and tighter.   Chronically tight muscles will lose their flexibility and that is really asking for trouble, as it makes you so much more susceptible to injury.  If your muscles lose flexibility, they can easily pull or tear, and tight muscles become very sore. Blood flow is poor through tightened muscles (ischemia) and that also cause pain.  Massage stretches the muscles in a much more specific way than stretching after a run, to regain lost flexibility.

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