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Is it time you considered a digital detox?

November 2nd, 2019
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For those of your who don’t know I have a background in IT.  This means I am very comfortable with technology and love my smartphone.  However I am for once a month to do a digital detox the reason is that I recognise that I live in an “always on” society.  I am inundated on a daily basis with social media updates, text messages and emails.  What’s worse are “always on” society ecpects us to be contactable at all times and to respond immediatley.  Its no surprise that research has found a link between heavy smarphone usage and increased anxiety.

Did you know that smartphones are actually designed to distract us?  They rob our brains of vitally important downtime preventing them from being creative.  A digital detox allows my brain to reachage and focus on the present.  No one needs to give you permission to go off grid for half a day and you don’t need to feel guilty either.

A digital detox can start simply as 45 minutes without using a smartphone, laptop, tablet or other device one evening a week and then build up slowly to a couple of hours.  I find regular digital detox is hugely beneficial to my state of mind and can be easily incorporated into your routine.


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