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Can Reiki help you if you have IBS?

September 2nd, 2018

Reiki is a form of healing therapy originating in Japan and Tibet that is available in some of our clinics.  Over the years practicing massage in clinic, I am aware that there is a regular occurance of clients with digestive issues especially irritable bowel syndrom (IBS).

A recent study has looked at the effectiveness of Healing Therapy (Reiki) on assisting people with IBS and inflamatory bowel disease (IBD).  For the purpose of this article I want to focus on IBS as that is what people mention most frequently in clinic.

200 outpatients with IBS or IBD were randomised to either conventional treatment (control) or conventional plus a weekly 30 minute sessions of healing therapy for 5 consecutive weeks (intervention).   After 12 weeks the patients in the control group also had healing therapy. Participants were mainly female (71%) had a median age of 46, non-smokers who had been diagnosed on average 5 years previously.  The participants recorded their symptoms and quality of life at the start of the trail, then after 6 weeks, then at 12 weeks and finally at 24 weeks.

The results demonstrated hat “when used along side standard medical care” healing therapy (Reiki) confers additional benefits including symptom reduction and improve quality of life.  The improvements were signficant, consisten and of a size liekly to be “clinically benefical”.

So if IBS is effeciting your quality of life, why not book a Reiki taster?


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